Bike School

Supporting you

Learning to ride a bike or trike when you have coordination problems, learning difficulties, ASD and the many co-morbids can be very difficult to impossible.

We believe in the impossible and believe anyone can feel the wind in their hair on a bicycle.

Using an approach called “person-centred planning and assessment”, this enables us to find the correct machine to suit individual needs. This puts the people we support at the heart of their activity. We use a variety of tools to make sure people can exercise choice and control in their lives. Inclusion and diversity must be met at all times.

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children learning how to ride a bike

Getting started

All the bikes and trikes we use are re-purposed at our own cost and/or donated. We aim to make sure the bike fits the rider, whether you have your own bike or not., if you do not have your own or it is the wrong fit. The bike you learn on may be purchased, depending on circumstances. Fees do apply per hour for running costs. Starting from £4.00 per hour raising to £12.50 per hour. Your instructor will discuss the options with you.

If however you wish for a familiar setting in a 0ne-to-one capacity then get in touch for a chat.

We are here for you as your community

It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you have additional needs in your family, we are all in this together. So please do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help.

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