Code Red Project

New for 2020

From Families 1st For Additional Needs comes a new project, The Code Red Project (CRP). Here at CRP, we believe that every person deserves an education in their menstrual and sexual health, regardless of their age, gender or ability.

On many occasions, education providers have failed to educate the core lessons and values of puberty, menstrual and sexual health. Alongside this issue, also sees a nationwide problem of period poverty.

Here at The Code Red Project we provide a confidential listening service to those who need it most. We also offer advice and education on menstrual health, puberty, inappropriate behaviour in additional needs, period poverty and menstruation. Regardless of your age, gender, additional need or situation we are here to help. If you or someone you know could use a listening ear or advice get in touch today.

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Mental Health Support

Duration: 15 minutes + • Free

Everyone should be entitled to mental health support and guidance. We offer a confidential listening service and provide advice and signposting for issues such as: well-being, abuse, supporting someone with mental health problems, seeking help for your own mental health, stress, taking care of yourself, self-harm, getting diagnosed and self-esteem.

Feel free to get in touch with quick questions or attend one of our drop-in sessions or book an appointment with us for more advice.

Sexual Health Advice

Duration: 15 minutes + • Free

Everyone should be entitled to sexual health advice and guidance.

Come and talk to us about: contraception, safe sex, STIs, relationships, sexual health and disability, LGBT+, consent, smears & cervical cancer, masturbation, sexual assault etc.

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Period Health Advice Duration: 15 minutes + • Price varies

Come and talk to us about dealing with your first period, keeping clean, contraception, cycle information etc.

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Sexual health puberty, vulnerable adults, inappropriate behaviour in additional needs. Bring your teens and young adults to talk to our new CODE RED TEAM. Contact us for details of our next session in a community hub, Newcastle upon Tyne. Alternatively give us a call to arrange a personal confidential appointment.

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We are here for you as your community

It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you have additional needs in your family, we are all in this together. So please do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help.

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