Hi guys I’m Amanda, one of the Founders and CEO here at F.A.N.S.

Over time I will be blogging our beginning, the core reason we do what we do, our journey as a family and as a mam of 3, Jess who is 25yrs old & my double trouble Twins, one diagnosed boy Alex and an undiagnosed girl Ava.

ASD and associated conditions are now a huge part of our / my daily world.

All these matter are close to my heart and matter that our families struggle to have the services, guidence and support they need.

From exclusions, and ECHP, benefits and daily struggles, we want to help the family as a whole.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Check out our North Newcastle food hub..

Families against needless struggles , f.a.n.s vol 2

#letsbeatchildpoverty #allfamiliesmatter

The code red project – tackling period poverty, stigmas around young people and sexual health, Boys puberty around SEN and mental health.

Please dont worry about the credentials we have trained staff, volunteers and workshop guests. Kingston park community space every last tues of the month.

Thankyou for joining us and all the future projects and events, I hope to see you there x