What people say

What people say

Thank you so much for your support without people like you a lot of people would go without much-needed essentials. THANK YOU AGAIN

Food beneficiary

I appreciate all the help & support

you have given us. Couldn’t ask for a better assistance during this difficult period. Thank you again

Food beneficiary

I would like to thank everyone concerned for putting together

food parcel that was handed to me today. My husband and I felt very humbled and grateful this afternoon! Our love, prayers & thanks

Food beneficiary

Thank you so much for parcel it

was way more than I expected. I

really appreciate it thank you again. These are the people who matter!

Beneficiary Food

This charity is very helpful for our

family, we had home visits, what

suits me, because it is not very easy

to go with two kids for some meetings. They help me emotionally after we

talk, I feel not alone in our situation. Support me like my representatives in school meetings, come with me when I visit new schools, helps with paperwork, like complaints and charity fundings. Very helpful and supportive people.

Beneficiary - ECHP & DLA

It was lovely to FINALLY

get to the “chatty cafe” and

see the amazing work the

Families 1st team are doing


Lovely friendly staff. It’s amazing what you are all

doing to help others keep

up the amazing work

Food Pack

Thank you so much for

the chance to see the

pantomime!!! Me and Skye

had an amazing time and it’s

been a good couple of years

since I’ve heard Skye laugh

like that.

Beneficiary & Volunteer

A huge big thank you for

dropping a food parcel off for

my mam. She was so happy

to receive it. Even a few books

to keep her going. You’s are

amazing. Keep up the great

work guys.

Beneficiary - Food Pack

Brilliant team who came

to the rescue when

we were all isolated.

Beneficiary - Food Pack

I appreciated you helping me out today with food at this difficult time and I certainly appreciate what you have done and what you do for other people in situations of uncertain times.

Beneficiary - Food Pack

Help through the EHCP process

“As a support network they’re invaluable”

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We are here for you as your community

It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you have additional needs in your family, we are all in this together. So please do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help.

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